We enable the AI & Data-driven future for Startups & Midmarket businesses.
Our AI expertise and Cloud-enabled solutions enable digital transformation and accelerate innovation.

"As the CEO of an AI platform startup, the rapid development, expertise, and quality of our AI solutions are crucial for a successful launch. Partnering with Cloudbench has surpassed all my expectations. Their meticulous attention to detail, professionalism, and unparalleled expertise have been outstanding. They are a true innovation partner to our firm, and I highly recommend Cloudbench for anyone seeking to develop a generative AI solution for their business."

Jeff Maser

Founder & CEO, MarketMind

Featured Customer Success Story
MarketMind Technologies

Helped a Canadian Fintech Start-up develop a Generative AI Investor Platform full-service solution that deploys proprietary AI approaches for shareholder identification, surveillance and analytics, sentiment analysis, press release draft analysis, proxy battle outreach, equity placements, CRM and third-party newswire-style dissemination.


Who We Are
Cloudbench is at the forefront of value-driven vertical AI solutions empowering businesses to harness the limitless potential of AI and Data. Our mission is to rapidly help small and medium clients enable, embrace, and manage AI, Data, Cloud, Web3, and Work AI Productivity to unlock innovation and drive growth.
Experienced and Proficient Delivery
Our innovation foundry provides the speed and scale for our clients to successfully achieve their AI-enabled enterprise transformation.
  • 50+ Gen AI Use Cases & Demos

    Our solution catalog includes Gen AI use cases spanning healthcare, life sciences, financial services, and manufacturing industries.

  • Dedicated AI & Data Foundry

    Based in Dallas, our AI & Data Innovation Foundry, the foundry enables rapid prototyping for Gen AI and Applied AI use cases.

  • 50+ Foundry Experts

    Our scalable Foundry is capable of quickly expanding to fulfill any project requirement.

  • 100+ Certifications

    Our Foundry team has earned certifications across the AI and Cloud tech stack.

A scalable foundry hub of certified experts with decades of real world experience in AI, machine learning, data science, cloud engineering, full-stack cloud native development, and industry-specific domain subject matter expertise.
Our process
We use the R.A.P.I.D. framework in our innovation foundry to deliver rapid and trustworthy operationalization of AI and Data solutions.
Customer-centric Approach
Our AI & Data expertise and experience, coupled with a customer-centric approach, lead us as we guide you through the key phases of your AI and Data transformation journey.
AI & Data Innovation Foundry
  • Expertise:

    Decades of AI & Data real world experience.

  • Tools & Frameworks

    Leverages R.A.P.I.D. platform along with industry playbooks to bring transparency, security, and governance to accelerate results and lower risk.

  • Rapid Value Creation:

    Rapid prototyping for Gen AI and Applied AI use cases unlocks rapid value built through hands-on learning and prototyping with your data.

Expertise in the Foundry
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